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Cauliflower + Brown Rice Fried Rice

Why is fried rice so dang gooood? There is something about eating it that immediately brings me home. My family didn’t even make fried rice that often, but I know it’s coming when the fridge would get sparse and there’d be a lone bag of frozen vegetables in the freezer.

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Pasta with Summery No-Cook Tomato Sauce (Gluten Free and Vegan Optional)

Every summer, I find myself with an abundance of beautiful, picked-at-their-peak fresh produce combined with the unbearable heat and humidity that turns my kitchen into a sauna. And every summer, I spend most of my time standing in front the AC in my bedroom, making dashes to the kitchen just to throw a quick meal together that requires minimal effort. Oh the glamour of New York living. I want to eat all the fresh things, but I also can’t be bothered to stand over the stove for more than 15 minutes. This fresh tomato sauce fits the bill perfectly!

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