Eat Well • Eat Real

Mission & Philosophy


My mission is to support you in activating your healthy eating goals so that you can show up for what’s important with energy, focus, and intention. It’s about your dreams, your family and relationships, your work and your play.

We are constantly inundated by mixed messages about nutrition, new diet fads with extreme claims, and buzz words that distract us and make the healthy choices look complicated, overwhelming and expensive. Everywhere we look there are new superfoods promising to transform our bodies and silent danger foods that are unknowingly destroying us. We are often sold images of what health is supposed to look like, and we (literally) buy into quick fixes and miracle diets that actually promote harmful habits and end up hurting our health instead. So if you’re overwhelmed and struggling with these issues, know that you are not alone.

I am passionate about helping you sift through the nutrition “noise”, evaluate the science behind these claims, and identify effective and sustainable approaches that work for you and your body. I incorporate my experience from teaching cooking and nutrition education to hundreds of families and individuals, my academic training in public health nutrition, and my culinary expertise to help guide you on this health journey.